Not like the romantic comedies you know! Get ready, the Gizli Saklı series is coming to smash the summer screen!
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1 October 2022 09:49


Not like the romantic comedies you know! Get ready, the Gizli Saklı series is coming to smash the summer screen!

The summer series started to show itself slowly. As we move towards the end of the season, we will start to see summer series on the screens with the month of June. The majority of the TV series that will appear on many channels will be in the romantic comedy genre. It is possible to come across dramas or TV series with different themes, but the most watched productions of the summer months are romantic comedies with more colorful and entertaining love stories.

The series, which is seen as Fox TV’s favorite for the summer screen, will also be the Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden) series. However, it is not like the romantic comedies we know! Let’s say that especially the comedy aspect outweighs! Sinem Ünsal and Halit Özgür Sarı, who play the leading roles, also draw attention as a new series couple that has already started to take place on the agenda of social media.

A fun detective comedy is coming. While the screen harmony of the two actors was eagerly awaited, the published promotion also received full marks from the audience. The story, which begins with two special agents disguising as a couple to reveal a crime network, also reveals moments that will make the audience laugh.

Sinem Ünsal, who was very popular with the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series, and Halit Özgür Sarı, who gained a huge fan base with the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), are candidates to be the most talked-about couple of the summer season! At the same time, the Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden) series is coming to shake the agenda with its different story than its competitors!

It is obvious that the viewers of the trailer were also liked by the expressions “This series holds”. We’ll watch and see if romance and love will come into play, but it’s another production other than the romantic comedies you know, the Gizli Saklı series…

The duo, which we will watch with the characters of Pamir and Naz in the story, will take on the appearance of a couple for a secret mission and their names will be changed to Levent and Yaz. The states of the agents with opposite characters lead to events that will make those on the screen laugh a lot…

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