Series News Oktay Kaynarca has a surprise for fans of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series!

Oktay Kaynarca has a surprise for fans of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series!


Oktay Kaynarca adds new achievements to ATV’s successes with his impressive performance in the TV series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam (I Can’t fit in this World). Of course, the famous actor puts a lot of effort into this project, which is both his lead role and his first production experience. Oktay Kaynarca said that he could not leave the house on his days off and tried to rest.

Oktay Kaynarca, who spent almost all his time for the success of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, also gave information about the character of Kayıkçı (Boatman), whose name is mentioned a lot in the story of the series. The Kayıkçı character, who has not yet appeared but whose name is circulating, may appear towards the season finale of the series. It seems certain that Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam will continue in the next season as well. Oktay Kaynarca also commented that the character of Kayıkçı could emerge towards the end of the season in order to increase the excitement before the second season.

Speaking to the TV show of the series, the actor told the following about this new character: “Maybe we can reveal it towards the end of the season. Maybe we can remove it from the last 2 episodes. But I don’t know, we can make a decision and reveal it immediately. But he is the great character who will trouble Cezayir and its surroundings and his family from now on. There will be a lot of connections around it. Not for now, but there will be someone related to it.”

In the story of the series, the Cezayir Türk and his men are looking for the character of Kayıkçı everywhere. However, he is like a ghost and cannot be revealed no matter what is done. The fact that Kayıkçı is aware of everything Cezayir and his men are doing reveals the appearance of being one step ahead of them.

With such an influential character, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam is expected to meet with the audience again in the second season with a much more action-packed and more effective story.

The suggestions to Cezayir Türk are to stay away from Kayıkçı, but his goal will not change and the character of Kayıkçı will continue to be one of the most striking elements of the series. Let’s see which famous actor will play this character, which is given great importance in the series.