Series News The message given with Engin Akyürek’s final versions in the Adım Farah series is very clear!

The message given with Engin Akyürek’s final versions in the Adım Farah series is very clear!


Adım Farah (My name is Farah) series has an impressive story and a plot that excites the audience. However, these are not enough for the rating. A good script doesn’t solve the problem either, there is a need for strong harmony and synergy, especially through the lead actors. Of course, although all these conditions have been fulfilled in the series “Adım Farah”, how can such a series not exceed a certain rate in terms of ratings.

In fact, the series “Adim Farah” was expected to be one of the most successful series of the season, making a huge explosion and attracting millions to the screen. Of course these didn’t happen. Although it was a very impressive job as a presentation, it could not go beyond being one of the ordinary projects on the screen in terms of viewership rates.

The presence of Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek duo and their good harmony made their fans very happy. However, the strong interactions created on social media do not help the series’ ratings to jump.

At this point, the message that Engin Akyürek will be in front of the audience with much more effective scenes in the next period was given with the 9th episode aired on April 26. Tahir Lekesiz character is now more fearless, more reckless, and at a point where he can do anything to protect his loved ones, with the influence of love. Of course, his enemies will do their best to harm Tahir, and it is possible to see positive reflections of this excitement in the story.

However, it seems that the screenwriters of the series started to give important messages to turn the character of Tahir Lekesiz into a hero. In other words, you will see a Tahir character who is starting to evolve from a mafia member to a hero with a purpose.

Of course, this transformation in the story can be achieved with the efforts of the screenwriters. Let’s see if this will make it appealing to the wider audience intended for the “Adım Farah” series. We’ll wait and see.