Artists News Melis Minkari’s words are hidden why young people love the TV series Kardeşlerim so much!

Melis Minkari’s words are hidden why young people love the TV series Kardeşlerim so much!


Kardeşlerim (For My Family) series has been one of the productions that has left its mark on recent years. Kardeşlerim project, which was broadcast in Spain and met with viewers in different parts of the world, continues to receive good ratings in Turkey with its third season. One of the young names who made a good debut with the series was Melis Minkari.

Melis Minkari, who draws attention in the story of the series with her Aybike character, is still a very young actress. The characters of Berk and Aybike became a couple that were very akin to each other in the story of the series. The impressive harmony of Recep Usta and Melis Minkari also affects the social media, and the couple Aybike and Berk receives great support.

The subject of the love of the story of the series is constantly talked about and it is investigated what affects the audience. When looking at the relationships of the young people in the series project, Kardeşlerim, their clinging to each other even if they have problems with their families, is one of the reasons why many viewers go to the screen.

A sincere relationship, a strong sense of love, and knowing that they are with each other makes the characters in the story stand out. The following words of Melis Minkari in her statement actually tell the truth behind the success of the Kardeşlerim TV series project for 3 seasons.

Aybike always stands by her lover Berk. Berk always sees Aybike as a safe harbor in the events related to family realities.

Melis Minkari also said the following about the attitudes of Aybike and Berk characters in the events that happened to them:

“Of course they will, I say. At least they have each other. I really feel it in this show. Whatever happens on the family side, for Aybike to know that Berk is there and for Berk to know that Aybike is there, I think it is good for both of them.”

In fact, it is possible to evaluate how effectively the love in the story of the series is revealed and the audience attaches so much importance to the project of Kardeşlerim with the excitement of these fairy-tale relationships that they cannot find in today’s world.

Aybike and Berk love each other very much and decide to never part no matter what. The audience will also remember the scene where Aybike announced that they would get married and go to university together when they turned 18. In fact, even this scene reveals the fact that relationships, which are one of the reasons for watching the series, are the dreams of many viewers.