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12 August 2022 11:43


Oktay Kaynarca has no vacation this summer! There is one more project before the series!

His fans missed seeing Oktay Kaynarca on the screen. Oktay Kaynarca’s fans, who went to the screen to watch the last episode of Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandit), but were disappointed because the show did not come to the screen at the last moment, are waiting for not one but two surprises in the coming days.

Oktay Kaynarca, who appeared in front of his fans with the latest Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz series, is not on vacation. It is stated that Kaynarca, who has recently appeared in a new project series, is also preparing for a one-man theater show. However, there is no detailed information about the successful actor’s theater project yet.

Therefore, Oktay Kaynarca’s fans are waiting for not one but two surprises in the coming days. Oktay Kaynarca is still in preparation for his new series, “Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazsam” (If I Don’t Fit This World). The production company of the successful actor, Güzel Adamlar, will undertake the production of the series. Alican Yaraş and Yusuf Alp write the script of the series, which will be directed by Onur Tan, the partner of the production company.

It is stated that Oktay Kaynarca made an offer to Birce Akalay for the new series, but the successful actress did not take kindly to the offer. According to the news, a part of the series, which has not yet been informed about its subject, will be shot in Uzbekistan.

The new series takes its name from the legendary poem of Nesimi, a Hurûfi disgruntled Azeri divan poet who lived in the 14th century. Work on creating the cast of the series continues. “Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazsam” series, it is expected to be on the screen in September. However, it is not yet known on which channel it will be broadcast.

Therefore, fans who want to watch Oktay Kaynarca again have to wait a little longer. There is not much information about the actors of the series whose scenario work is still ongoing. Kaynarca’s remarks, “It will be the locomotive of the new season,” with a remarkably striking discourse, drew attention.

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