One of The Pit series is leaving, someone is coming!
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4 February 2023 07:48


One of The Pit series is leaving, someone is coming!

The Pit series, which is broadcast on Show TV and is among the phenomenon series on the screens, continues on its way without slowing down in the new season. The series, in which interesting characters participate, is shaken by the arrival of other characters without removing the funerals of those who go! It was learned that another name will participate in the series that does not reduce the excitement.

Unable to digest Selim’s death yet, the player will be thrown into another story with the arrival of a surprise name. The new name is a new member of the Erdenets, the scourge of The Pit.

According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş, another character participates in The Pit series. It will be one of the Erdenets that appeared in the new season. It was learned that Genco Özak will give life to the character of Kulkan Erdenet in the series.

Genco Özak, known for his role as Can in the series My Husband’s Family, later played the character of Mehmet in the TV series Wounded Love. Another project of Genco Özak’s memory was Selim Hayroviç (Kopuk) in the TV series Söz (The Word).

The young actor was then playing the role of Ökkeş in the series Golden Cage, which started on Star TV last season and took a break during the pandemic process, and made the final in the summer season. After a few episodes were released in the new season, the series said goodbye to the screen by making the final in the 16th episode.

In the series where the young actor will portray the young son of the Erdenet family, Kulkan, who was raised as the baby of the family but unlike his other brothers, lives a life like his head, is expected to stand at a critical point in his battles with the Koçovans.

It is already exciting how the balance of Çatağay and Ogeday will change with the participation of the younger brother in the war.

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