Artists News One of the series that excites the fans of Ozan Dolunay, two projects are coming!

One of the series that excites the fans of Ozan Dolunay, two projects are coming!


Ozan Dolunay, one of the remarkable young actors of recent years, became one of the names that took firm steps forward in his career that he started in 2015. It should be noted that in his career, which started with the character of Barış in the TV series Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Sweet Little Liars), the actor gained important experiences with different roles.

Ozan Dolunay, who has been talked about with his success in two important projects such as Aşk Laftan Anlamaz and Zalim İstanbul, has continued to be on the agenda with various projects recently. In addition to the digital series called Bizi Ayıran Çizgi and Misafir, the actor will give his fans great excitement with two different projects.

While Ozan Dolunay took part in the movie Merve Kült with the character of Anıl, a new TV series project emerged. This series, called Kasaba (Town), stands out again as a digital project. Being on the same set with these two character actors also means a new experience for Ozan Dolunay, who will meet with Okan Yalabık and Özgürcan Çevik in the lead roles of the series Kssaba, which will be broadcast on Netflix.

The story of the series draws attention as the lives of two brothers and a friend, who met in their hometown after the death of their mother, changed with a big money they found in the trunk of the car after the accident.

Despite receiving many offers, Ozan Dolunay seems determined to continue on his way with digital projects instead of returning to television series. In 2020, the actor took the lead role in the series called İyi Günde Kötü Günde (Good Days and Bad Days), and also participated as a guest star in the series Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager).

Ozan Dolunay, whom we saw on the television screen 2 years ago, has been determined to continue on his way only with digital series and cinema for a while. Fans of the actor are eagerly awaiting his return to television. Let’s point out that there is no television series on the agenda for now.