Onur Durmaz made the leap of his life in the series Yargı!
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28 January 2023 16:50


Onur Durmaz made the leap of his life in the series Yargı!

Onur Durmaz, who played the character of Engin in the TV series, Yargı, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings, gave a very successful performance. In the 14th episode of the series, Engin’s character died in an unknown way…

The death of Engin character deeply shook Yekta and Laçin Tilmen couple. Many viewers even think that Yekta has a finger behind this death, but they are very confused. Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon presents a story cycle as if playing a game with the audience. This makes Yargı series to be expected more and more each week.

Onur Durmaz, on the other hand, stood out with his Engin character. Even staying in the story for 14 episodes was enough for the actor to make a splash. Many TV series fans think that Onur Durmaz’s path is very clear.

You can come across expressions of admiration for Onur Durmaz in the comments made on social media. A series of fans left comments saying, “Onur Durmaz will get better after this drama.”

The fact that Onur Durmaz was on the screen with his long and curly hair at first was effective in gaining sympathy. However, Onur Durmaz’s hair was cut later. Some series fans asked, “If you were going to kill him after two episodes, why did you cut Engin’s hair?” and sent a message to screenwriter Sema Ergenekon.

Fans of the series, stating that Onur Durmaz is a good actor and being recognized by the masses by taking part in the TV series, is a very positive development, also make wishes stating that they would like to see the actor in another project in the near future.

Fans, who commented, “Onur Durmaz suited the drama incredibly well, at least we should watch the retrospective scenes,” want the actor not to break away from the show completely.

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