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12 August 2022 16:59


Onur Durmaz, the Engin of Yargı, was shocked when he saw the audience’s backlash!

The Yargı series, which is broadcast on Kanal D screens on Sunday evenings, is undoubtedly a series that surprises everyone who watches it and gives excitement with new developments and twists every week. Sema Ergenekon writes the script of the series directed by Ali Bilgin. Screenwriter Ergenekon has been an observer for the series Yargı in the courthouse corridors for two years.

The fact that Sema Ergenekon, who has a solid pen, connects the story to realistic elements, makes the audience follow the series with curiosity. The characters are so surprising that from time to time situations arise that no one can predict.

As everyone knows, Engin is the name that surprises the audience the most! Because Engin’s character was almost unnoticed during the first 5 episodes of the series! As a faint type, he was walking around the scenes like a subject model.

But all of a sudden the whole story was built on Engin! More precisely, after the murder of İnci, which is the starting point of the story, Engin’s emergence of the murderer caused the arrows to be directed towards him. The person who came out of Engin shocked the audience as well!

However, it seems that the real shock is Onur Durmaz, who plays the character of Engin, right now! Durmaz revealed the surprising reaction of the audience with a statement in his interview with Hürriyet Newspaper.

Onur Durmaz states that he did not know that he was playing the murderer at the beginning, and that he learned when he received the scenario in which Engin’s act was revealed in the 5th episode.

Saying that he knew that the character he gave life would undergo a serious transformation, but had no idea about the course of action, the young and successful name Onur Durmaz emphasizes that Engin actually just wanted to be loved, and that he was always ostracized by his father, Yekta, causing deep traumas.

Onur Durmaz, who has also revealed that the most surprising situation for him is the reaction of the audience when Engin is a murderer.

Onur Durmaz said, “I faced a worse situation than I expected. Most people agreed with Engin! I couldn’t believe it. Engin may have gained sympathy due to his family and psychological problems, but in the end, he killed a person one way or another, and there can be no excuse for it, expressing his surprise at the audience’s positive attitude towards a murderer.

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