Onur Tuna and Aslıhan Güner met in the drama-filled story Hiç
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28 September 2022 17:12


Onur Tuna and Aslıhan Güner met in the drama-filled story Hiç

Bringing together two successful and popular names Onur Tuna and Aslıhan Güner, the movie named Hiç (Nothing) became a matter of curiosity! Aslıhan Güner, who had a rapid rise in her career with the Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star) series, was away from the sets for a long time when her TV series Uzak Şehrin Masalı, which she came to the screen, made an early finale. Onur Tuna was on the screen with the series Mahkum (Prisoner), which started to appear on Fox TV.

Güner and Tuna are now coming together in a surprise movie. The two actors, whose compatibility as partners is a matter of curiosity, started the preliminary studies. Recently, Aslıhan Güner drew attention on social media with her sharing that she was working hard on the script of the movie Hiç.

Her partner was curious and it was learned that they would eventually appear in front of the camera with Onur Tuna. Tuna and Güner also make their fans happy by taking a role together in the movie named Hiç, which will start shooting soon.

It was revealed with the social media sharing that Onur Tuna, who lives his private life in great secrecy, started to have a love affair with his colleague Yasemin Yazıcı a while ago. While the actor comes to the magazine’s agenda with his new love, his role in the movie Hiç gives excitement.

The actor, who was seen by the cameras on his return from the holiday, said that he came from vacation for the second season of the Mahkum series and that they would hold a meeting.

By the way, Onur Tuna also talked about his new movie and said, “A new movie is about to start. The second season of Mahkum will begin after its filming is over. We are making preparations for them,” he said.

Emphasizing that his movie will be a psychological drama, Onur Tuna increased his interest in the movie! The actor also stated that they will take part in the lead role with Aslıhan Güner and it will be a good job.

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