Series News [Orphan Flowers] emotional farewell to television series

[Orphan Flowers] emotional farewell to television series


<The Orphan Flowers> series with 4 seasons on <Atv> screens is making the final without seeing the end of the season. 113. And the last episode came to the screen and the series won great success. However, the opponent series <The Pith> and <The Oath> have been put forward with their successful performances.  <The Orphan Flowers> series is saying goodbye because of the low rating.

The actors and crew of <The Orphan Flowers> series came together at the farewell dinner last night. All the actors were given plaques of thanks in the dinner which the TV channel managers also attended.

<ATV> General Manager <Metin Ergen> expressed his words about the series: “It was a summer job, as everyone walked in the chairs pleasantly, we were going to tell the story of a young girl who was harassed by stepparents.That was an orphaned girl, I am sure many youngsters watched this story, inspired it and took an example.Turkish place took its glorious place in the history of the series.