Overlap in the series Forbidden Fruit
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5 October 2022 01:26


Overlap in the series Forbidden Fruit

The news about the Forbidden Fruit series, which was on the screens with its 4th season, fell like a bomb on the agenda! Nobody expected the developments to be experienced in the series broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings! The information that came after a post on Eda Ece’s Instagram account shocked everyone!

The 80th episode of the series will air this week on Monday, October 19th. It surprised everyone that two names will be separated from the series, which continues on its way with interesting developments in the new season. Eda Ece, who first played the Yıldız character in the series, shared the situation they experienced on Instagram when they received the 85th episode script.

The news following Eda Ece, who stated that they were surprised by saying “The script came, we are like this on the set” and put in laughter emojis, surprised for the second time. It was understood that there would be an unexpected development in the series, but nobody expected this much!

It was learned that after an incident in the 85th episode, two people would say goodbye to the series. The first of these people was Talat Bulut, who has been on the screen since the beginning of the series. It was learned that the character of Halit Argun will die and say goodbye to the series. In the announcement made by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on her twitter account, it is stated that in the 85th episode the character will die and Talat Bulut will leave the series.

However, another name is different from the series. It was leaked as backstage information that Gökhan Alkan, who was included in the series at the beginning of this season, will leave the series in the same episode. Gökhan Alkan, who plays the character of Kerim, has learned with this news that he will not be able to continue the new season.

The shooting of the new season of the series starring Talat Bulut, Eda Ece, Şevval Sam, Nesrin Cavadzade and Barış Kılıç started in mid-July. Therefore, the shooting goes first because the stock parts of the series are on hand.

Here is the share of Eda Ece:

Halit Argun, played by Talat Bulut, will bid farewell to the series in 5 episodes. Moreover, his farewell will be shocked.

Halit Argun, a character who has bounced the nerves with what he has done in the series for 3 seasons, will die and bid farewell to the series in the 85th episode. Rumors on the subject spread by word of mouth and hit the media.

In the series, there is also information that Gökhan Alkan will leave the series in the same episode. It seems that episode 85 will be quite eventful …

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