Overseas success and great chance of the North Star series!
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23 March 2023 04:19


Overseas success and great chance of the North Star series!

The North Star series continues to achieve great success in its first season. The comedy series North Star, broadcast on Show TV, shows successful performances as a result of Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci’s leading harmony.

The series, whose shooting was stopped during the pandemic period, started shooting again with the normalization steps. Shooting continues in Ordu. New episodes also began to appear on the screen. There is another development that pleases the North Star.

Ecco Rights company undertook the international sales of the series. The information received is that the North Star will be displayed in South American countries. The North Star series will meet with viewers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The Black Sea is very popular in Turkey as the index story, what it should do abroad is eagerly awaited. In general, drama works gather better audiences abroad. The North Star will show what a comedy series will do.

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