ÖyküKarayel married CanBonomo!

13 July 2018 Friday, 19:41
ÖyküKarayel married CanBonomo!

ÖyküKarayel was born in Istanbul on August 20, 1990 and became famous in 2011 with the character of Cemre Cayak played in the North South tv series.

She, who has been on 10 projects so far in her career, finally gave life to the character of EylülErdem in the ‘Heartbeat’ series on the screen.

The happy state of ÖyküKarayel at the wedding ceremony was worth seeing.

Famous double guests who sent wedding invitations via social media were found to be “Please do not use wedding photos on social media.” However, couple wedding images leaked to social media.

Can Bonomo – ÖyküKarayel couple, who had previously decided to make a wedding on June 23, had not postponed the wedding to today, considering the invitations for the elections.

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