Ozan Dolunay and Ahsen Eroğlu duo, who are partners, got full marks from the audience!
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2 February 2023 20:44


Ozan Dolunay and Ahsen Eroğlu duo, who are partners, got full marks from the audience!

The new movie that brings together Ahsen Eroğlu, who is the lover of millions with the character of ‘Dicle’, which she portrayed in the TV series “Menajerimi Ara” (Search My Menager), which was broadcast on Star TV last season, and Ozan Dolunay, who played a role in the TV series Misafir (Guest) with Hazal Kaya and Buğra Gülsoy last season. The shooting of Merve Kült has started.

Fans who saw the two bright actors of the last period Ahsen Eroğlu and Ozan Dolunay together in the sharing made from the set of the movie Merve Kült, shot by O3 Medya for Netflix, made the duo very similar.

Fans who saw the photo of the duo; They commented, ‘Ahsen is already great, Ozan will have them pouring out like that’ and ‘They look great’.

On the other hand, experienced actor Ferit Aktuğ joined the cast of the movie Merve Kült. The cast of the movie, which will meet the audience as an adaptation of Ceylan Naz Baycan’s book Merve Kült, is quite large. The film also stars master actors Arif Pişkin, Zuhal Olcay, Olgun Toker, Esra Akkaya, Ege Aydan, Mine Tugay and Ahu Yağtu.

In the story about the life of Merve, who is the Public Relations Manager, Merve, who was taken to the hospital due to fainting, learns that she has a panic attack.

Her refusal to accept her illness, separation from her lover, getting bored of her mother’s words and staying with her friends, and the ensuing series of disasters take her to different points in her life.

The script of the film was co-written by Ceylan Naz Baycan, who is also the author of the book, and director Cemal Alphan.

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