Series News Ozan Dolunay approval for the Zalim Istanbul series!

Ozan Dolunay approval for the Zalim Istanbul series!


Famous actor Ozan Dolunay has been giving life to the character of Cenk in the Zalim Istanbul series for the last 2 seasons. The young actor draws attention with his successful performance.

Ozan Dolunay met with his friends Bahar Şahin, Berker Güven and Sera Kutlubey in the live broadcast on youtube. Ozan Dolunay, praising his friends, said that they were doing a very heavy drama project and everyone was doing their job.

Ozan Dolunay said, “Since we were already shooting a very heavy drama, most of our scenes were difficult. I think that we all have some kind of success, ”said Zalim Istanbul’s young staff.

Indeed, this young staff, which is very compatible with each other, will share the leading roles in many important productions in the following years. Each of them increased their popularity and gained experience thanks to Zalim Istanbul.