Series News Behind the scenes of Ceren Yılmaz’s Zümrüdüanka!

Behind the scenes of Ceren Yılmaz’s Zümrüdüanka!


New images behind the camera of the Zümrüdüanka series were published on the youtube account of the production. The images reflected behind the camera of the famous actress Ceren Yılmaz, who gave life to the emerald character, made the fans very happy.

There has been no work on the set of the series for a long time. There is a chance that the Zümrüdüanka series will re-set in the coming days, but there is no clear information yet. The series, which brings together Alp Navruz and Ceren Yılmaz, was shot in Ürgüp.

When the duo will meet again, when the shots will be made, when the new episodes will be published, there are no answers to these questions yet. However, the drama team strives to keep the attention high with the posts they make on social media in order to prevent the excitement of the audience.

The images behind Ceren Yılmaz’s camera will also be good for you. You can watch it from the video.