Ozan Dolunay, who has been frustrated with his two projects in a row, returns to the screen!
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8 February 2023 21:04


Ozan Dolunay, who has been frustrated with his two projects in a row, returns to the screen!

Ozan Dolunay, who could not find what he was looking for in both TV series, after his success with the TV series Zalim İstanbul, is preparing to return to the screen with a new project. Moreover, she will share the lead role with a very popular female actress of the last period.

Ozan Dolunay, who started his TV acting career in 2015 with the series Küçük Tatlı Yalancılar, made his biggest debut with Zalim Istanbul after starring in TV series such as Oyunbozan, Yüksek Sosyete, Lise Devriyesi, Darısı Başımıza. Playing Cenk, the spoiled grown-up son of the wealthy Karacay family in the series, Dolunay received great praise for his performance.

Afterwards, the handsome actor shared the lead role with Elçin Sangu in the series İyi Günde Kötü Günde. However, the romantic comedy series did not work and ended with its sixth episode. After that, Ozan Dolunay started to take a role in the Misafir series starring Hazal Kaya and Buğra Gülsoy. However, this series ended in the fifth episode as a result of the low ratings it received.

The talented actor, who has experienced great disappointment in two series in a row, is now preparing to come to the screen with a new project. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Ozan Dolunay will share the lead role with Ahsen Eroğlu in the movie Merve Kült.

It is stated that the film, which will start shooting in March, will be released on a digital platform. There is no information about the content and other actors of the movie yet. Ahsen Eroğlu, one of the most popular names of the last period, gave the good news of his new movie in a statement he made to the journalists a short time ago.

Attracting attention with her red hair and different face, the 27-year-old actress last played a role in the TV series Menajerimi Ara. Eroğlu became a very compatible couple with Deniz Can Aktaş in the series and was on the agenda for a long time in social media.

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