Özge Gürel and her humorous posts!
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27 November 2022 14:46


Özge Gürel and her humorous posts!

Özge Gürel, who is currently on the agenda with the TV series Mr. Wrong, has started to rise above the limits of social media! Because the actress is a name that does not share much in general. However, lately, she has been drawing attention with her humorous comments on the photos she shared behind the camera.

As it is known, the actor appears in front of the camera with Can Yaman in Mr. Wrong. The two names, who were partners in the Full Moon series before, made the audience’s favorite characters Özgür and Ezgi loved with their successful performances in Mr. Wrong. With the actors’ screen harmony and the liking of the story, Mr. Wrong begins as a summer series, but continues in the season.

Özge Gürel shares the photos taken on the set of the series and makes her followers happy with the fun notes she wrote in the story. She wrote a humorous note on a photo taken from the monitor, calling the director, saying, “Sir, did you take me well, don’t be a problem in the evening.”

In a photo taken while applying mascara in the make-up room, the actress comments that she was not very successful in applying mascara.

Surprising her followers by sharing photos from the set one after another, the actress did not forget to add a photo of her lover Serkan Çayoğlu, taken at home with her cats.

You can see this photo of house carpet and others that make Serkan Çayoğlu fans happy too …

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