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12 August 2022 14:17


Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu became an event with their wedding poses! It’s like straight out of a fairy tale book!

The love of Serkan Çayoğlu and Özge Gürel, who met and started to fall in love in the TV series Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Season), published in 2015, was crowned with a wedding just like in movies, TV series and fairy tale books. They had taken the first step.

The couple made their engagement at Özge Gürel’s father’s house with their families and closest relatives. With Çayoğlu’s white suit and Gürel’s blue floral dress, the two actors seemed to have stepped out of the TV series. The couple got married in Italy, meeting in a romantic comedy series and embellishing their love-filled relationship with photos that again reached the peak of romance.

The wedding of the couple, who recently went to Germany, where Çayoğlu’s family is located, became an event on social media! Serkan Çayoğlu, who chose a black wedding suit, and Özge Gürel, who was acclaimed for her usual unique style, posed beautifully with her wedding dress that suits her very well.

In the presence of their relatives and loved ones, the couple united their lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. The two actors posed as if they were lovers in fairy tales at the ceremony, where beautiful photo frames were taken.

The wedding photos of the couple, who are accustomed to cameras and lenses due to their profession, were like something out of a fairy tale book.

Fans followed the special frames on social media with excitement and shared them on their pages. After the wedding held on Thursday, July 14, Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu shared their wedding poses on their Instagram pages and thousands of beautiful comments and likes came from their fans.

When thousands of shares were shared on Twitter via the ÖzSer tag, the couple Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu managed to sit at the top of the agenda!

The couple’s wedding ceremony in Germany and the top of social media in Turkey was another detail that attracted attention…

You can see the posts shared by Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu on their instagram page below…

Özge Gürel wrote on her photos, some of which were published in black and white, with the note “We wanted to celebrate our anniversary at the Karlsruhe town hall”, while Serkan Çayoğlu shared with the note “Just Married”…

Here are the shares that the couple made from the wedding like a fairy tale…

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