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18 August 2022 16:47


Surprise greetings from Burak Deniz to the Maraşlı series! Here is the sharing that excited the social media…

Before it was broadcast on ATV screens, Maraşlı was a remarkable production with its promotions. The series, which began to appear on the screen assertively, was loved as a phenomenon production. However, the life of the series could only last one season, as the series could not recover the gradually decreasing ratings.

The Maraşlı series, which took part in the short but not forgotten productions on the screen, was also included. The series, in which Burak Deniz and Alina Boz gave life to the characters of Mahur and Celal, lasted 26 episodes. Maraşlı, whose first episode was broadcast on January 11, 2021, made the final on July 13, 2021.

Those who love the series do not forget Maraşlı. Both the first broadcast date and the final date of the series, special messages are published for Maraşlı on social media. Burak Deniz, who gives life to the character of Maraşlı in the series, does not remain indifferent to this loyal attitude of the audience and sends his greetings to the series and character he plays.

Alina Boz was ascribed to the character of Mahur in the Maraşlı TV series, which was terminated on the grounds that its ratings were low, and Burak Deniz was almost identified with the Maraşlı character. The harmony of the two actors as partners was also highly appreciated.

On the first anniversary of the final date of the series, which the audience cannot forget, the followers of the series made many posts on social media. Burak Deniz also excited the social media by greeting the audience with the note “I miss you too…

The Maraşlı series will always occupy an important place in the professional lives of both Burak Deniz and Alina Boz. Because both actors were very attached to the characters they played. They made great efforts with their successful acting, but it was not effective to stop the final decision of the series.

The broadcast of the series in Turkey is over, but it has been sold to different countries of the world. It continues to attract great attention in the countries where it is shown. Maraşlı was once again on the agenda with the news that it will be published in Panama, a South American country.

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