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6 July 2022 07:17


Özge Gürel came to the fore when the TV series Mr. Wrong was broadcast, and Can Yaman’s popularity peaked!

Turkish actor Can Yaman has affected Italy so deeply lately that the race to praise the actor stands out in the press. The fact that Can Yaman fans want to know more about him causes the press organizations to make more news.

You can come across many Can Yaman news in the Italian press. Examples are given from the series that the actor has played so far. Details about his personal life are also offered. The fact that the TV series Mr. Wrong started to be broadcast in Italy increased the news and our actor came to the fore on social media. In addition, Özge Gürel, who was very popular in the country in 2016 with the Kiraz Mevsimi, started to be the center of attention again. The series Mr. Wrong contributed greatly to the popularity of both actors.

In the content about Can Yaman, his love for Diletta Leotta is also highlighted. After Can Yaman’s love affair with Diletta Leotta, the news in the Italian and Turkish press also increased.

After the Dolunay and Early Bird series, Can Yaman’s TV series Mr. Wrong is also broadcast in Italy. Can Yaman’s success is also presented as the series’ connection to more than 2 million viewers in a short time.

Can Yaman’s popularity has reached such a point that it has turned into a race to attract readers for Italian magazines…

In the news for Can Yaman, some compliments draw attention.

The following compliments were given to Can Yaman in an article:

“The king of Turkish soap operas.”

“He has a sculptural physique.”

“His eyes are intriguing.”

“Can is a good boy.”

In the news in the Italian press, the news praising Can Yaman has increased a lot and this has become a race.

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