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[Ozge Gurel] Turkish actress


[Ozge Gurel]

Özge Gürel was born on February 5, 1987 in Istanbul. The Academy Beykent University has left the International Trade department in its midst and realized its dream of becoming an actress. Taking acting lessons she, the makers cautioned.

Actress, who started appearing in the series in 2014, became popular with her role in the Cherry Season drama series.

Birthdate: February 5, 1987 Height: 170 cm Weight: 55 kg Eye color: brown Natural Hair Color: Brown

Notable Works: 2010 Where is My Daughter (as Zeynep Demiray) 2014 Tide and Eid (as Ada) 2014 Cherry Season (as Oyku) 2016 Stars My Witness (as June) 2017 Full Moon (as Nazli)