Özge Gürel will turn into a completely different person in the Sipahi series, the motivation is full!
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3 February 2023 16:52


Özge Gürel will turn into a completely different person in the Sipahi series, the motivation is full!

Famous actress Özge Gürel is preparing to appear in front of the audience with her police character in the TV series Sipahi. The excitement has increased with the trailers of the series, but there is still no clarity on the release date. Özgü Gürel sent a message to those of Show TV who were eagerly awaiting the start date of the series, saying, “There is very little left.”

The famous actress said that the work continues and they shot in Gaziantep last week, and after completing them, they returned to Istanbul. Özge Gürel said, “Now the team has gone to Germany, we are shooting in Berlin. After completing them, there is nothing left to broadcast anyway,” she said.

Özgü Gürel, who stated that she lost a bit of herself by stating that she ate too much food during the shootings in Gaziantep, gave the message that she had to maintain her form by saying, “Now I’m trying to get it together”.

The actress, who was observed to have managed to maintain her physique despite the food craze in Antep, mentioned that she was in a very good process.

The actress, who we will be watching as the Anti-Terrorism Commissioner Canan Doğan, received weapons training. The fans, who expect the actor to transform into a completely different person with his new role, want the series to start immediately with the curiosity of the exciting and action-packed scenes.

Explaining that they had a pleasant time with the crew of the Sipahi TV series, Özge Gürel said, “We are already a very sweet team, we are working with full motivation right now.”

Explaining that it takes all her time to shoot the series, the actress stated that she could not do anything different because of this.

Explaining that although they had a busy period with her husband Serkay Çayoğlu with different projects, they were able to create time to meet and said, “We continue with the same love”.

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