Artists News Özge Özpirinçci did not enter polemic

Özge Özpirinçci did not enter polemic


Ozge Özpirinçci, who has been living with EnginAltanDüzyatan for a long time, started to live love with Burak Yamantürk in 2014.

OzgeÖzpirinçci, who appeared in front of the screen after a long time on “Fox” TV “Women”, is gaining the appreciation of the people on the screen because of the game in the row.

The connection with ÖzgeÖzpirinçci’s colleague BurakYamantürk is continuing.

EnginAltanDüzyatan’s wife, NeslişahAlkoçlar’ın had shares from the Instagram account. OzgeÖzpirinçci, who was mentioned in this sharing, answered on her own account.

NeslişahAlkoçlar’ın sharing the photo of a photographer, a follower, ‘Or it is not the nature of a natural woman like Özge then with a woman like you is very strange and very inconsistent’ comments came. Alkoçlar, who was very angry about this, gave a hard response to her follower.

On top of that, ÖzgeÖzpirinçci shared her loving square with her lover BurakYamantürk from her Instagram account. Plain and standing in front of the player, almost the news ‘I am dearly happy’ gave the answer.