Series News Özge Yağız will jump with her new series!

Özge Yağız will jump with her new series!


Özge Yağız, who took her name in the Adını Sen Koy series for the first time and then went on for two seasons, shines her star and takes a new journey.

She, who was very popular as Reyhan in Yemin, the beloved series of Kanal 7, said goodbye to the construction because her contract was over. The actress, who also shared a farewell message from her Instagram account, gained great experiences thanks to this role.

Özge Yağız, who explained that she was at the beginning of her acting journey, reminded that the Yemin series is also a home for her.

Expressing that she won a lot of people thanks to this series, Özge Yağız said, “Thank God I am leaving only because my agreement is over, hoping to be in very good works for you again. Endless thanks for teaching you with all your bad comments.”

Özge Yağız’s current stop is said to be the Establishment Osman series. There is no definitive explanation yet. However, there are some claims. The character of Özge Yağız, who is expected to take part in the popular TV series ATV, starring Burak Özçivit, is still unknown.

It is certain that Özge Yağız will make a big leap if he starts the Establishment Osman series.

She, who publishes her photos with her friends in the Yemin series from her Instagram account, is both sad and happy that she will embark on a new journey…