Artists News Death that shook Alina Boz deeply!

Death that shook Alina Boz deeply!


Famous actress Alina Boz saddened her followers with her emotional sharing from her instagram account. The actress described the sadness of her dog’s death, which she described as her companion.

Stating that she learned what unrequited love is thanks to her dog, Alina Boz said goodbye with these words: “My dear dog, my friend, my companion .. I cannot thank you for teaching me what love is unrequited again. You will be in the most special place. Thank you very much for staying strong even in the last days. Sleep in peace, my heart of cotton. ”

Alina Boz, who said goodbye to the Don’t Give Up My Hand series last December, had a successful performance for 2 seasons.

The famous actress will soon be in front of her audience with Netflix series Love 101, shot in the summer of 2019.

Alina Boz’s highly anticipated new series, Love 101, will air on Netflix on Friday, April 24.

The youth series, prepared as 8 episodes, tells about the high school life in the 1990s. It is not yet known whether the second season of Love 101 will be drawn.