Artists News The great rise of Aslıhan Karalar!

The great rise of Aslıhan Karalar!


The famous actress Aslıhan Karalar, who gave life to the character of Burçin Hatun in the Establishment Osman series, is very lucky that she took part in such an important project at the beginning of her career.

The actress who said in the previous statements that the series is like a school for her and wants to make good use of this chance, won the audience’s appreciation with the character of Burçin Hatun. Aslıhan Karalar, who attracted attention with her role as Ezgi in her first series Falcon Hill, was very popular as Burçin Hatun in Establishment Osman.

The beauty of Aslıhan Karalar, the winner of the Best Model of 2017, is obvious. However, after her role in the series, there is a fan base that likes her even more as Burçin. The actress, whose fans many compliments in the clothes of the old period, is made this with special makeup.

Fans of the Establishment Osman make many comments stating that the player looks much more beautiful as Burçin. There is also a great interest in Aslıhan Karalar with the effect of the series on social media.

Spending time in the kitchen at home quarantine days, the actress won the admiration of her fans with her ravioli.