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6 July 2022 18:30


Pınar Deniz calls for cancer patients

Pınar Deniz, who has been mentioned frequently with her successful projects, celebrates her birthday on November 4. On her birthday, Deniz, who came together with the ‘Cancer-Free Life Association’ in a valuable project, showed an exemplary behavior and called for help to all cancer patients, especially those affected by the earthquake in Izmir, in order to hope for all cancer patients.

Pınar Deniz, who has been followed with interest in recent years, took action to support cancer patients with a meaningful project at her new age. The famous player who shared her Instagram account asked her followers to donate.

She guided those who wanted to send her gifts on her birthday on November 4 to the project she carried out with the Cancer-Free Life Association, and encouraged her lovers to donate primarily to those who struggle with this disease among the earthquake victims in İzmir and then to all cancer patients.

While this exemplary behavior of Pınar Deniz gave hope to many beautiful hearts who fought this relentless disease for years, it reminded the importance of unity and solidarity in this difficult process that our country has gone through.

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