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6 July 2022 10:02


Secret talent of Murat Ünalmış has revealed

Murat Ünalmış, the master actor who gave life to the character of Demir Yaman in the Bitter Lands series, is one of the names who deserve his role. The famous actor, who displayed Demir very well on the screen and put forward a convincing performance, has returned to his childhood days.

Speaking to the TV show, the actor stated that he was not a very naughty person in his childhood. Ünalmış said, “Actually, I had a quiet and calm childhood, but I was cheerful among family and relatives.” Explaining that he experienced very cheerful alarms among the actor family and relatives due to his ability to imitate, Murat Ünalmış said:

“I had the ability to imitate. People always made me fake. I was like that in my own family. It was more lively… But I had a quieter and quiet childhood in foreign environments. ”

Murat Ünalmış, who loved acting in his childhood, said that his father brought him movie posters and cards and dreamed by looking at them.

“I used to think of myself in their place. Yılmaz Güney, Cüneyt Arkın… I especially admire both of them. There is still. “It is a pride for me right now to see what I imagined come true now”.

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