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4 July 2022 05:27


Demet Özdemir’s “I’m waiting for the end of 2020” pose

The famous actress Demet Özdemir gives life to the character of Zeynep in the TV series My Home My Destiny. The story of the series, which aired on Wednesday evenings, is quite exciting. The new episodes also crack the audience out of curiosity… Demet Özdemir is also a name that attracts attention with her social media posts.

The player, who has 11.4 million followers on Instagram, shared a sad and distressed image today. The new state of her hair immediately caught the attention of her fans. Many of his followers attributed different meanings to this post.

Social media followers wish 2020 to end as soon as possible as it is full of disasters. A follower also drew attention with the comment “Isn’t this the thing, I’m waiting for the end of 2020…”.

Another follower said “Oh my calm angel” and wished that he would not lose his calmness against the events.

Complimenting comments made to the share, which received nearly 500 thousand likes in a short time, also drew attention.

The followers also supported the sharing with the comments such as “Angel falling from the stars … You burned a bunch of them. You passed this place … Is a bun be so good for a person”

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