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6 July 2022 23:30


Emotional words from Fahriye Evcen for the survivors of the earthquake

The death of 107 people and more than 1000 injuries after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Izmir has hurt everyone’s heart. All Turkey’s Elif almost 3 year old in the events that follow right after 65 hours without sleep yesterday and today, 91 hours after leaving the 4-year-old Aydan get a little bit right out of everyone’s hearts sprinkled water.

With this painful incident, Elif and Ayda, who became the symbol of the earthquake, were in good condition and the images of the baby at the moment of their removal from that dent were disseminated through both television and social media, and many people could not hold back their tears.

The words and shares of famous names among the people who post on social media also attract attention. The emotional sharing made by actor Fahriye Evcen, who is also a mother of a kid, after Elif and Ayda were released alive, were among the remarkable ones.

The famous actress, like many people, made a post on her Instagram account in the face of this event, which made her feel as if she and the people like her who knew and heard about this event.

Below you can see Fahriye Evcen’s sharing after the rescue of Elif and Ayda.

I looked at this photograph for a long time .. There is love, hope, beautiful spirits, effort, struggle and victory, endurance. There are 65 hours. There are 91 hours ..! There is some worry, some anxiety. There is patience, compassion, belief; there is probably a mother who dies and resurrects .. There is life, there is happiness, there is some noise, there is some calm .. And there is trust ..

I kiss your tiny hands holding those hands tightly Elif & Ayda .. I want to hug you tightly .. How can we thank the held hands .. Endless thanks to the rescue teams .. How is your right paid?

Thank you for reminding us once again of the power of love .. Just as fire is the beginning of light, love is also the beginning of existence ..


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