Artists News Pınar Deniz made reference to Sema Ergenekon, The excitement of Yargı peaked!

Pınar Deniz made reference to Sema Ergenekon, The excitement of Yargı peaked!

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Yargı series, which started to meet with the audience on Sunday evenings on Kanal D screens, was very popular with its story. It was also meaningful that Sema Ergenekon’s work on the script, which lasted for 2 years, received high ratings. The fans of the series liked the story very much and the actors who performed very well became the architects of the success. Pınar Deniz’s social media sharing increased the excitement of the fans.

Describing Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu duo as one of the best TV series couples of the new season in Yargı series, fans of the series share thousands of posts on social media. It was also an important development that the series received very good ratings as of the third episode and rivaled the Teşkilat series.

Yargı, which was above the average in all categories, came in second. The idea that it could take the first place from Teşkilat series, which was not predicted for Yargı series, started to be talked about even more now.

The actress, who shares her set situations from time to time, provides support for her series by sharing on social media. The fourth episode of Yargı will be broadcast on Kanal D on Sunday, October 10. Pınar Deniz, whom we follow as Ceylin, increased the excitement even more with her sharing on her Instagram account.

Episode 4 of the series has not been published yet. However, the team has already started working on the script of the fifth episode.

Pınar Deniz also stated that they have completed the fourth episode and started shooting the fifth episode.

The message that the actress referred to Sema Ergenekon as “What kind of episode is this” also increased the excitement of the fans. So, big surprises await the audience in the fifth new episode.