Psychopathic Mehdi in the My Home My Destiny, would you do that too?
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29 November 2022 11:10


Psychopathic Mehdi in the My Home My Destiny, would you do that too?

The character of Mehdi, who travels on the borders of psychopathy, will not surprise his audience again. Starring Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol, the series continues with its strong performance in its second season.

There will be very interesting developments in the 25th episode of the series, which has been broadcasting 24 episodes so far. Mehdi, who kidnaps Zeynep from Barış’s house, takes her to an unknown place by car. But Barış is after… Barış, who has mobilized the police, wants to stop the car with Mehdi and Zeynep on the road together with the police.

Here you will witness how much more psychopath Mehdi will become in the second part of the 25th episode. Peace is in front of the barricade and awaits them. The Mehdi is loaded to the root of the gas. The car is moving rapidly towards Barış, behind which there is a police barricade.

My Home My Destiny, on the evening of Wednesday, December 23, 2020, will cause a wave of excitement on TV8 screens again. Accompanied by Zeynep’s shouts of “Don’t Make It Mehdi”, the duo almost defies death …

Images from the new episode of the series were shared. The audience said, “What kind of being are you, Mehdi. I am already dead, and you are reacting to the situation by saying “What does it mean?”

The audience said many words about the character of Müjgan, who raised the Mehdi like this and fell victim to male violence… In the series, which summarizes the point where violence against women has reached very well, the screenwriter had already broken his pen for Mehdi.

It is not possible for the character to get better and better after this time. What will happen to Zeynep is also eagerly awaited. Here is the My Home My Destiny 2nd trailer from episode 25:

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