Will Uğur Güneş leave Bitter Lands?
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4 December 2022 05:59


Will Uğur Güneş leave Bitter Lands?

The popular period series of ATV screens, Bitter Lands, there are changes that surprise the audience this season. Following the departure of Vahide Perçin, who took the lead role, the news that another leading actor Uğur Güneş will also leave has been in the media for a while. However, the developments in the series raise the question of “Yılmaz is not going?”

The followers of the series were predicting that the character would die and leave the series on the images of Yılmaz’s crash with trailers for two episodes.

Actually, it was a classic trend and not everyone expected the opposite. However, in the new episode, which was published, Demir saved him after Yılmaz’s vehicle fell into the abyss and the scene surprised everyone.

Moreover, it is seen that Yılmaz came together with his children at the hospital, Müjgan and Züleyha were also with him, and his situation was very good.

It is still a matter of curiosity whether Yılmaz will leave the series with this development.

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