Red Room | Subject - Cast - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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4 December 2022 04:23


Red Room | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

The Red Room is a Turkish television series, signed by OGM Pictures, directed by Cem Karcı and written by Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt in a drama and psychological genre. The series, which was aired on TV 8, was adapted to television by compiling author Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s “Inside the Medallion” and various episodes.

In the series starring Binnur Kaya, famous actors take part in different stories. In these real-life drama-based stories, scenes of great destructions, betrayals and violence experienced by people in their lives are presented to the audience. The viewers follow these stories very carefully because they are very effective scenes and because these events are happening in real life. The series also endeavors to teach those who have these problems through a doctor, how they can continue their lives against all that is experienced by looking differently.


Channel: TV 8
Producer: ÜS Yapım
Genre: Drama-Psychological
Published Date: September 4, 2020
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 150 minutes
Music: Fırat Yükselir
Starring: Binnur Kaya, Tülin Özen, Burak Sevinç, Meriç Aral
Cast: Gülçin Kültür Şahin, Sezin Bozacı, Baran Can Eraslan, Halit Özgür Sarı


The social media accounts of the series are actively used. Trailers, photos from the TV series and various information are shared from all accounts. On the broadcast day, the important scenes of the series are published. You can find both short scenes and all episodes and trailers on the Youtube channel.

Official website:


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The Red Room series is based on real stories. In the series, the lives of doctors and patients who applied to them in a psychiatric clinic come to the screen. In the Red Room, the pain, happiness and sadness that underlie every life story are brought to the screen. Patients are telling secrets that they could not tell anyone until that day. The series also includes different actors in each episode. Famous names show strong performances with stories that reflect the problems of daily life in different characters. It is a production that appeals to the feelings and soul of the audience, allows them to see what they live in their own lives and instills the idea that they can look at life differently.


The Red Room does not have an ongoing story. Binnur Kaya, the leading actor of the Red Room, plays the owner of a psychiatry clinic and a psychiatrist.

Guest actors in the series are determined according to the story of that episode. In the episodes of the series that have been broadcasted until this time, many famous names including Burcu Kara, Celil Nalçakan, Nur Erkul, Tansel Öngel, Emre Kınay, Hakan Meriçliler, Melisa Sözen, Evrim Alasya, Salih Bademci and Hande Doğandemir played guest actors. .


Actor (Character)
Binnur Kaya (Mrs. Doctor)
Tülin Özen (Doctor Piraye)
Burak Sevinç (Doctor Deniz)
Meriç Aral (Doctor Ayşe)
Gülçin Kültür Şahin (Secretary Tuna)
Sezin Bozacı (Cafe Attendant Aynur)
Baran Can Eraslan (Çaycı Hüseyin)
Halit Özgür Sarı (Clinic Director Murat)
Guest Cast / Section
Burcu Biricik (14-)
Füsun Demirel (12-)
Ruhi Sarı (11-13)
Özlem Turay (11-)
Sema Keçik (10-)
Burcu Kara (9)
Beyti Engin (9)
Celil Nalçakan (8-10)
Nur Erkul (7-8)
Deniz Hamzaoglu (7-9)
Tansel Öngel (5)
Emre Kınay (5-6)
Hakan Meriçliler (5-)
Melisa Sözen (2-13)
Evrim Alasya (1-7)
Salih Bademci (1-4)
Hande Doğandemir (1-4)


The clinical scenes of the Red Room series are performed in the Old Shoe Factory Plateau in Beykoz, Istanbul. Many shots are also done here. In addition, districts of Istanbul such as Üsküdar, Ortaköy, Beykoz and many places with Bosphorus views are also used for the shooting of the series. Many cafes and venues on the Üsküdar coast are rented for the shooting of the Red Room. In line with the concept of the department, Çamlıca Hill and Şile beaches are places where the series are shot from time to time.


The music of the Red Room belongs to Fırat Yükselir. The generic music of the series, which brings drama and psychological elements to the screen, also consists of emotional and sad rhythms.


The first introduction of the Red Room series was broadcast in July 2020 on TV 8 and the social media accounts of the series. The first images were highly appreciated and aroused the audience’s curiosity. Before each new episode of the series, the trailers are shared to increase the excitement.

First Introduction:

You can find all the published trailers of the Red Room series on the youtube channel.


Season 1 of the Red Room series started on Friday, September 4, 2020. The series meets with its audience every Friday at 20:00 on TV 8.

You can follow all the episodes of the Red Room series on the official Youtube page.


Red Room viewers, who carry the story of a different character to the screen through the eyes of the psychiatrist, can also find a piece of their own life stories in the series.

About the series on social media; ‘Psychological treatment, although it is unable to attend the needs of many people in Turkey, bringing production into people’s homes’ in the form of comments made.


The behind-the-scenes footage of the series, shot in many different locations in Istanbul and featuring different guest actors in each episode, is also broadcast on the YouTube channel from time to time.

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