After the Red Room and The Innocents, comes the TV series The Girl At The Window, adapted from the same author's book!
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4 February 2023 13:15


After the Red Room and The Innocents, comes the TV series The Girl At The Window, adapted from the same author’s book!

The two most talked about series of the new season were the Red Room and the The Innocents. In addition to the two TV series that make the channels smile with their ratings, the story of the series My Home My Destiny, Dr. Adapted from the works of Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu. The stories in the books, which are compiled from the life stories of her clients and consist of real events and characters, continue to come back as they adapt to the series.

In fact, this situation started with the Bride Of Istanbul series. The series quoted from Budayıcıoğlu’s book was changed a lot by the screenwriters, but the audience saw the reality of the event better when watching Alya’s story in the Red Room. Because Süreyya in the book was very different from the Bride Of Istanbul and she was actually Alya’s schizophrenic mother in the Red Room.

Another story from Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s book will be adapted to the series. Journalist Birsen Altuntaş shared the news that a new and ambitious production will come to the screen in his article on tv100. Studies have also begun on the story quoted from the same author’s book.

OGM Pictures, the producer of The Innocents, My Home My Destiny and The Red Room, has rolled up its sleeves for another project! The name of the new series is The Girl At The Window.

The cast of the series, whose preparations are expressed to be accelerated, also continues. The name to direct the series is Nadim Güç, who signed Med Production’s Woman series. As it is known, the TV series Woman broadcast on Fox TV also made a tremendous impact and was talked about a lot.

It seems that an ambitious production is coming with the solid story, the successful director. Now the biggest curiosity is who will play in this series? This issue is not clear yet, but as a result of the rapid work, shooting of the series is planned to begin in February, and the leading roles will probably be determined soon!

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