The rating tactic of the Red Room and The Innocents is very brutal!
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5 February 2023 07:21


The rating tactic of the Red Room and The Innocents is very brutal!

Among the most successful productions of this season are the Red Room, which is broadcast on TV8 on Friday evenings, and the The Innocents, which is broadcast on TRT1 on Tuesday evenings… Both series are actually based on Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s books or experiences

My Home My Destiny was also created from the story of the same author, and now the TV series Chrysalis, which started shooting on Kanal D, will also join this picture. It will also be the first of the stories of Budayıcıoğlu that there will be 4 TV series on the screen in April.

So how did the Red Room and The Innocents become so successful? What did the audience attract, why were they watched so much? They also lost nothing of their strength. In other words, they have remained in very very good points since they first started. So what’s the secret to this?

Sina Kologlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Cadde, explained what these two series mean for him in his column. The author’s statements are actually proof of why the series are successful.

Sina Koloğlu states that both projects are different and special productions in every aspect. In addition, both are human story oriented and come to the screen with many details quoted from real life.

Koloğlu interpreted the success secret of the series as follows: “The ‘Red Room’ has become a uniform where the stories of ‘the trauma of my childhood’ are told.

The Innocents has come under a heavy drama burden. It feels like they are telling the players, “You always do this, it works like this.” The selected venues of the series are streets etc. I always continue to like it. ”

Sina Koloğlu may also imply that these aspects of the series actually disturb him, but this situation clearly shows why they were successful.

Traumas and heavy drama burden are among the topics that Turkish viewers are most attracted to on the screen.

The fact that the series got such good ratings is actually due to the brutal drama loading.

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