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16 May 2022 18:09


Sadakatsiz series viewers are not happy with the new situation!

Everyone saw how strong the Asya character was in the story, which progressed successfully in the first season of the TV series Sadakatsiz, which was broadcast on Kanal D.

The situation that Cansu Dere successfully portrayed in the second season is the target of criticism from the audience. As Asya’s issues with Volkan and Derin deepened, it became clear how powerful she was.

However, in the second season, Asya, caught between her son Ali and Aras, who has just joined the story, draws attention with her weakened state. Fans are curiously waiting for what Asya will do, who can no longer control her son and face very difficult situations in her life.

The successful performance of Cansu Dere in recent years, which also helped her to win awards in both Spain and Latin America, is eye-catching.

Asya, who received a marriage proposal from Aras, clearly stated that she needed time and that she could not make a big decision for her life without solving her problems.

The point that the Asya character has reached is reflected on the screen as emotional fragility and the great distress of not being able to solve the events. Fans of the series also want the strong and determined Asya of the first season to come back.

The followers of the series, who think that Asya is in a great depression thanks to Ali and Volkan, also express that such psychological problems exist in many people in the society. The viewers of the series, who also interpret this as a psychological violence, state that Cansu Dere is also very successful in conveying the feelings of the character to the audience.

Stating that deception does not listen to strong or weak people and that everyone is destroyed when they face it in some way, the fans of the series also make comments that it is difficult for Asya to cope with such problems, no matter how strong, and that it should not be expected to be happy.

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