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18 May 2022 12:30


Plans grew, expectations increased in Yasak Elma!

Yasak Elma series continues to be broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings. The new episodes of the series are eagerly awaited by millions of viewers. The reason why the series, which continues its fifth season, attracts so much attention, lies in the constant renewal of its story.

Yasak Elma, which is the project of Medyapım, also has a great importance for the producer Fatih Aksoy. In addition to the great success of the series, Fatih Aksoy also wants to break his own producer record by reaching 200 episodes.

Fans of the series also care about the plans for the sixth season and do not want a finale at the end of this season. At this point, the attitude of the actors of the series also gained importance. Şevval Sam continues her role as Ender with great success.

The famous actress, who used the phrase “I don’t want to grow old in Yasak Elma” at the beginning of the season, stated that the project took a long time for her. Şevval Sam also informed that the continuation of the series in the fifth season was realized as a result of the intense demand of the audience.

There was a great expectation in the audience for the Yasak Elma to continue in the sixth season, as the fans of the series wanted it so much. Fans are already wondering about the fate of the series, which has a successful story.

It is thought that Fox TV will also want to keep the best-rated series on the air. Let’s see if this expectation of the fans of the Yasak Elma series will come true. We will continue to monitor and report developments.

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