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12 August 2022 12:04


Şafak Pekdemir, who is back on the set with the movie Barış Akarsu, is having a very strange feeling!

The shooting of the movie, which tells the life of Barış Akarsu, who won the love of millions with his songs and lost his life in a traffic accident in Bodrum at the age of 28, continues.

While the movie starring İsmail Ege Şaşmaz was eagerly awaited, Şafak Pekdemir, who was among the actors, went back to the set.

Şafak Pekdemir, who was born in Istanbul in 1988, attracted great attention with the character of Zehra in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) TV series. Şafak Pekdemir, who was in the story for 4 seasons, took a role in the TV series Yalancılar ve Mumları (Liars and Candles) after her separation, but this story was also short-lived.

Şafak Pekdemir had been resting for a long time and she was in front of the cameras again with the movie Barış Akarsu Hello. The shooting of the movie, which was decided to be released on November 18, started in Amasra last week.

The crew of the film, which went to the land where Barış Akarsu was born, completed the shooting in Amasra and returned to Istanbul, where they continue to work. Şafak Pekdemir said that the shootings in Amasra went well.

The actress said, “I’ve been resting for a while. Now we shot the life of Barış Akarsu. Filming in Amasra is over, we came here. Everything is good,” she said.

Mentioning that the shootings in Amasra went very well, the actress explained the love of the region right for the famous singer with these words: “They love Barış unbelievably there. It’s like he’s still alive. That’s incredible. His family is there too. It was a pleasant but at the same time strange and sad feeling. But it went well, we shot good scenes,” she said.

Explaining that the Istanbul shootings will continue for about two weeks, Şafak Pekdemir stated that the vision date will also be in November.

Among the actors of the movie Barış Akarsu Hello, in which İsmail Ege Şaşmaz and Almila Ada take the leading roles, there is a master name like Hüseyin Avni Danyal.

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