Surprise photo from the 2nd season of the Club series! Here is Rana, the granddaughter of Matilda, the daughters of Rasel and Driver İsmet
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1 February 2023 21:09


Surprise photo from the 2nd season of the Club series! Here is Rana, the granddaughter of Matilda, the daughters of Rasel and Driver İsmet

The Club series, which was broadcast on Netflix, was a very curious production during the shooting phase. After the broadcast of the series, the Club series was watched with great enthusiasm not only in Turkey but also in many countries reached by Netflix.

The series, in which the Turkey of the 1950s, which was also the scene of the events of 6-7 September, was conveyed, attracted great attention with its actors, story, venue and costumes.

Starring Gökçe Bahadır, Salih Bademci, Barış Arduç, Fırat Tanış, Asude Selma Kalebek and Metin Akdülger, the series was also called the best period TV series ever shot in Turkey.

The news that the second season of the Club series, a production that has been talked about for days and made a big impact, will be shot was also greeted with joy.

The highly anticipated 2nd season of the series, directed by Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce, has just begun.

The first photo from the set, on the other hand, did not go unnoticed with a very special surprise detail, which is the continuation of the story!

The children of Driver İsmet, played by Barış Arduç, and Racel, played by Asude Selma Kalebek, were born in the last episode of the series.

Rana, the daughters of İsmet and Racel, also joins the series in the new season. Rana, the granddaughter of Matilda, brought to life by Gökçe Bahadır, will also be the new hero of the story. With this frame from the series, the excitement for the second season has increased!

It is understood with these frames that we will go 4-5 years later by experiencing a time jump. After the painful events of September 6-7, the audience’s curiosity about what happened to Matilda and the other heroes of the story and what they went through is increasing.

The release date of the second season of the Club series has not yet been determined. However, the fact that the new season of the series, which was shot with such care and acclaim, is being filmed, also brings an exciting wait for Netflix subscribers.

There is a separation of some names in the first season of the series. It was known that there were people who died due to the events that took place during the shooting of the last season.

There will also be newcomers to the series. Apart from the Rana character, Halil Babür, Serra Arıtürk will also give life to two new characters in the Club series.

Serra Arıtürk, a young actress who is actually a musician, played the lead role with Kadir Doğulu in the Kanal D series Aşkın Tarifi last summer.

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