Salih Bademci can't stop! The Yalancı series has just ended, where is the famous actor now?
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29 March 2023 15:31


Salih Bademci can’t stop! The Yalancı series has just ended, where is the famous actor now?

Salih Bademci is one of the actors whose star shines in 2021. The actor both surprised and amazed the audience with the productions in which he appeared before the audience with very different characters.

Salih Bademci, who came to the screen with the character of the harassing and psychopathic doctor “Mehmet Emir” in the “Yalancı” series, which made the finale on Show TV last week, had his name written in golden letters on the screens with his different story and acting performances, although the series in which he shared the lead role with Burçin Terzioğlu was not very long.

This year, Salih Bademci also played a very good role in the TV series İlk ve Son, in which he shared the lead role with Özge Özpirinçci on Blu TV.

The famous actor turned the audience into a wrong corner with the character of ‘Selim Songür’ in the Netflix series Kulüp. Salih Bademci put on an amazing performance with ‘Selim Songür’, a colorful singer of the entertainment world, at the Kulüp. The character, which some viewers felt inspired by Zeki Müren, came to the fore as the most talked about serial character of the last period.

Salih Bademci, who wreaked havoc on the screens, is now on the theater stage. The theater play Fanatik, in which the actor starred with Neslihan Arslan and Nurhan Özenen, will be staged tonight at 20.30 at Caddebostan Cultural Center.

The actor will meet his fans from Adana on December 10 at Adana Burda PGM with the play directed by his wife İmer Özgün.

The subject of the game called Fanatik is briefly as follows; Tanju and Eda are looking for a rational way to explain to their 5-year-old son Atlas where his grandfather, who had his funeral that day, went to. To console him, they do not take the easy way out and ask him to tell the truth and make his own deductions, but this is not so easy.

Tanju’s mother also wants to tell the afterlife according to her own belief. When Tanju confronts her son, she receives the most painful news she will ever hear. Before his grandfather died, he secretly made Atlas a Galatasaray fan. Tanju, a fanatic of Fenerbahçe, risks everything to save his son from this disease, because in his eyes, there is only one place in the other world that Galatasaray people go to.

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