Artists News Famous names did not forget their friend Onur Bayraktar, who passed away at a young age, on the anniversary of his death!

Famous names did not forget their friend Onur Bayraktar, who passed away at a young age, on the anniversary of his death!

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Actor Onur Bayraktar died at the age of 31 in a motorcycle accident in Üsküdar on the way to his home in Balat on 26 November 2010, after the play Leyla’s Evi, in which he took the stage.

The death of Onur Bayraktar, a graduate of Mimar Sinan University Theater Department and known for his character “Timur” in the TV series Kapalı Çarşı, deeply saddened his artist friends.

His fellow actors did not forget Bayraktar, 11 years after his death. Doğa Rutkay commemorated her friend on his death anniversary with an emotional message she shared by sharing Bayraktar’s photo on her Instagram account. Rutkay share; “Onur… It’s been so many years without you.. It was like yesterday. Your smile is gone. I still remember laughing and grieving with you, but… with longing… with longing.”

Actor Sarp Akkaya also remembered Bayraktar on the anniversary of his death with the following words from a theater play; “Look at me carefully. Look into my eyes. Aren’t you aware? I’m telling your story. Or you live mine. In one way or another. Same things happen. It’s always been like this. It will continue to be. So take care of me. Try to see. From the “Sonra” game. With longing”

His actor friend Necati Kutlu wrote an emotional article on Onur Bayraktar’s death anniversary and shared it on his Instagram account. Necati Kutlu addressed Onur Bayraktar with these words; “There is no such thing as mere talent. Working with the right people at the right time is essential. Summer of 2002, I am 18 years old and I am preparing for the conservatory. Destiny introduced us to Onur. We used to study so beautifully, so thin, and so well until it dawned on me that it made me enter the school that I had dreamed of since my childhood, and while I was doing all this, he did not receive a single penny even though I offered it many times.

He was a missionary… He was a theater man… He was very creative, very smart and very handsome. I have always admired him, I still admire him a lot… Just before the audience lights turn off and I step on the stage, I always ask him for help, I know he is always with me. I have a play tonight, if you watched it, you would be a little angry, laughing a little, maybe you would be proud. All the applause tonight is for you Onur #onurbayraktar”