Saruhan Hünel has found the love of his life!
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1 December 2022 05:32


Saruhan Hünel has found the love of his life!

The famous actor Saruhan Hünel, who played the character of Alişar in the Ottoman series published on the ATV screen, said goodbye to the series when the character’s story was completed. Saruhan Hünel, who had the pride of taking part in the first season of the Ottoman also set sail to a new love in this process.

According to the news of Milliyet newspaper, the famous actor who got closer with Rabia Öztürk, an animal rights advocate, was seen with his lover.

The couple, who met at the animal shelter where he went for social responsibility, has been in love for 1 month. This is how the couple’s love, which was displayed hand in hand the day before, was revealed. The actor drew attention by saying “I am afraid of the evil eye, what should I lie”.

After the Ottoman’s adventure, Saruhan Hünel evaluates the offers for new projects.

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