The second miracle from the Mr.Wrong series and a first took place!
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2 December 2022 06:48


The second miracle from the Mr.Wrong series and a first took place!

The awesome performance of Mr.Wrong’s Gold Film signed on Fox TV screen also showed itself in chapter 3. Mr.Wrong, who remained at the rates of 3 with the first episode rating, shocked everyone. The series became the target of criticism with the subject of cliché and bringing a familiar story back to the screen. It was even stated in various comments that the series could say goodbye to the screen in a short time. However, this did not happen.

The series, Mr.Wrong, performed a miracle last week, increasing its ratings by almost 50 percent. Mr.Wrong, who came to the 4-5 rating range, made a good exit and overwhelmed the whole team with joy. The ratings of the third part published on July 10 were also very curious. Here are the results.

The great energy and harmonious states of Özge Gürel and Can Yaman and the fact that the series consisted of fun scenes reflected positively on the ratings. With the third episode of the Mr.Wrong series, it almost achieved another miracle and increased its ratings to be appreciated.

Leaving behind a very important and quarantine-like production such as Survivor, Mr.Wrong, who became the first in the AB group with 4.91 ratings and 18.99 views, achieved the first place in the screen life. This was also the first place among the summer series of this season.

It was a remarkable development that the Mr.Wrong series achieved 5,45 ratings and 18.23 views in total. Because this rate attracted attention as the best rating among the summer series. The series, which took second place in all individuals and ABC1 groups, thus proved its quality.

Mr.Wrong will continue with more confident steps.

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