Series News Say goodbye to ‘Black White Love’ series

Say goodbye to ‘Black White Love’ series


Before the final episode of ‘Black White Love’, BirceAkalay published the last memorial photo from her Instagram account.

‘Black White Love’ series farewell to the screen on Monday, May 28, with the final section.

BirceAkalay, the lead actress of the series, published the last day photo from Instagram account with her rookies.

The popular series had a big drop in ratings due to script errors.

For this reason, the final decision, “Black White Love” fans join in the idea that even if the fans are upset, they must say goodbye without further bullshit.

The photo from the set of the series revealed that despite the final, the players were not in any morale, they were very cheerful and happy.

BirceAkalay, who shared the lead role with İbrahimÇelikkol, bid farewell to the lap with this share from Instagram account.