Series News Sinem Ünsal’s Black White Love series confession

Sinem Ünsal’s Black White Love series confession


Sinem Ünsal, who is currently on the screens with the character of Nazlı in the Miracle Doctor series, cannot forget the role of Gülsüm, which she played in the series called Black White Love. The Black White Love series, played by Birce Akalay and İbrahim Çelikkol and broadcast on Kanal D screens between 2017-2018, was also the second series of Sinem Ünsal.

Sinem Ünsal, who stepped on the screens with the series titled Shepherd’s Star, which was published in 17 episodes, came to the screens with Black White Love. The actress, who was well known for her My Daughters series last year, conquered the hearts with Nazlı, who played in the Miracle Doctor series.

The successful actress had an interview with Bora Talat Oyacı on the Youtube channel of Türsak Foundation. Like many famous names in her home quarantine during the pandemic period, she met her fans in the post she attended. Answering many questions, Sinem Ünsal showed with this interview that she put her character Gülsüm in a separate place, especially in the Black White Love series. The change that Gülsüm had initially appeared as a faint character in the following episodes, has also affected Sinem Ünsal.

The evolution of the character to a different place, the changes it had with its experiences, were the details that attracted the audience. Sinem Ünsal stated that Bora Oyacı said, “Even your walk has changed, with her acting. What technique was there? ”She expressed her first hearing with her words and added that she was very happy with it.

Sinem Ünsal, in the period she played in the series, stated the change of the character step by step and what it caused her:

“I think it’s a great opportunity for an actor. Because sometimes we get involved and we play for seasons. This is a chance, this is actually a great chance at a time when we consume so easily, but one can sometimes feel blunt, I think when it repeats itself. What I experienced in Gülsüm was therefore an invaluable opportunity for me. It has undergone a very soft change, and the audience has already seen this not only with the emotional world but with the things that happened to them. It was already written that the scenes, yes there was a change and it was noticed on a large scale.

Reflection of the change in the actor is an element of stress. On the one hand, it’s a scratchy thing. It’s fun. Because no matter what happens in the first episodes, the character does not sit. You sit down later, you understand it later, you start acting like it. Something else will change in a moment, and that change has to be organic. You cannot create a completely different person. It was something that increased my enthusiasm for me to think and strive all of this. I had so much fun. “