Artists News See what would happen if Miray Daner wasn’t an actor!

See what would happen if Miray Daner wasn’t an actor!


Famous actress Miray Daner met with Berker Güven, in which he played together in the series Wounded Love, in his youtube chat. In the program, whose income was donated to the Ahbap association to be transferred to those suffering from coronavirus, the pleasant conversation of the two attracted attention.

Miray Daner said that legendary artist Bob Marley was fascinated by the words “Love the life you live. Live the life you love”.

Miray Daner also answered the question of how she met Berker Güven. It is believed that the couple met on the set of the Wounded Love series. However, they knew each other before the show.

Miray Daner said, “We played together in Wounded Love. But I had great games called Yem.. Berker had a great performance. I saw Berker and I had the opportunity to congratulate. We had a chance to play, ” she said.

Miray Daner stated that the Wounded Love series had very nice things that it added to it, and one of them was Berker Güven.

Miray Daner, who asked what would happen if he was not an actress, answered this question as well:

“I would have liked to be a psychologist if I had not been an actor. So I don’t know, I am very confused.”