Artists News The woman who influenced Eda Ece’s life

The woman who influenced Eda Ece’s life


Famous actress Eda Ece made the most important breakthrough of her career with the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series. Under the success of the actress, her director Neslihan Yeşilyurt also had a significant impact. Yeşilyurt, who supported Eda Ece’s improvisation on the stage, helped the series become even more popular.

Eda Ece talks about the fateful union with her director at every opportunity and the greatness of their friendship. Today is the birthday of Neslihan Yeşilyurt.Eda Ece also shared in a row and made celebrations.

Referring to their friendship on the Instagram account, the actress stated that they laugh a lot when they are side by side, they cry and hug each other.

Stating that she sees both as a friend, a friend, a director and a mother, Eda Ece said, “You are my best friend, you will become whatever I need! You even cut my hair on karatina. You will understand the best of my jokes by far! We know a lot of people in this life, but the soul doesn’t match everyone. I am always with you in the world that drives us crazy. I love you very much, Neslim, Good luck you, good luck you were born. ”

It was noteworthy that Eda Ece removed the details in the explanation section some time after publishing this message.

The actress deleted the other details in her message by saying “I love you very much, Neslim, good thing you are born well,” in her new message.